December 1, 2023

A so-called UFO professional claims to have found alien corpses in an historical mine in Cusco, Peru. The Nationwide Autonomous College of Mexico analyzed the stays and claims that the stays are a minimum of 1,000 years outdated. 

Jaime Maussan, a journalist and ufologist, claims that the mummified specimens discovered within the historical mines are of a non-terrestrial evolution. The corpses are a lot smaller than an grownup human and have eyes, a nostril, and a mouth which are clearly discernible on their faces. 

This isn’t the primary time that Jaime Maussan has claimed that alien stays have been found. Earlier makes an attempt at these claims have been debunked afterward, although, which clearly provides some skepticism to this specific declare. Nonetheless, this occasion has seen Maussan in entrance of a congressional session in Mexico Metropolis, which suggests he made these claims below oath.

So, if the stays usually are not these of alien corpses, then Maussan may very well be some critical penalties. Ryan Graves, the chief director of Individuals for Secure Aerospace, was additionally current on the listening to. Graves is one among three American veterans who have been additionally current and offered proof of alien existence and UFOs throughout the U.S. congressional listening to about UFOs again in July.

This isn’t the primary time that UFOs and proof of alien existence on Earth have come into the highlight. Beforehand, we’ve seen studies that there are UFOs buried on the backside of the ocean, in addition to studies from NASA and others on the potential of UAP (Unidentified Anomalous Phenomena), which is the brand new time period given to UFOs.

Finally, it’s unclear if these stays are literally alien corpses, some misplaced human evolution, and even some unusual deformed stays. Maybe extra analysis into their existence will present us with extra solutions. In the interim, although, it’s an intriguing risk.